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29030: Prevent ERIC from getting past ALBERT if necessary
Used by the routine at 28315. Impedes ERIC's progress if ALBERT is standing right in front of him with his arm up.
E x-coordinate of the spot in front of ERIC
29030 LD A,(53760) A=ERIC's animatory state
29033 RLCA Is ERIC facing left?
29034 RET NC Return if so
29035 LD A,(52480) A=ALBERT's animatory state
29038 CP 127 127: Is ALBERT facing left with his arm up?
29040 RET NZ Return if not
29041 LD A,(52481) A=ALBERT's x-coordinate
29044 SUB 1
29046 CP E Is ERIC standing in front of ALBERT (facing him)?
29047 RET NZ Return if not
29048 POP BC Drop the return address, preventing any forward movement by ERIC
29049 RET Return to the main loop
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