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607B: Unused
Remnants of an old version of the routine at 6000.
607B SET 7,E Point DE at the attribute byte for the skool coordinates (X,Y)
607D LD A,(DE) Pick the attribute byte up in A
607E RES 7,E Restore the skool coordinates (X,Y) to DE
6080 EXX
6081 LD (HL),A Poke the attribute byte onto the screen
6082 LD A,C
6083 ADD A,E
6084 LD E,A
6085 JR C,$608B
6087 LD A,D
6088 SUB $08
608A LD D,A
608C EXX
608E INC H
608F DEC C One more row done
6090 POP DE
6091 JR NZ,$606B Jump back until all 21 rows are done
6093 RET
6094 DEFS $07
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