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Used by the routine at MAIN_EXEC.
The parsing routine of the BASIC interpreter is entered here when syntax is being checked, and at LINE_RUN when a BASIC program of one or more statements is to be executed.
Each statement is considered in turn and the system variable CH-ADD is used to point to each code of the statement as it occurs in the program area or the editing area.
LINE_SCAN 1B17 RES 7,(IY+$01) Signal 'syntax checking' (reset bit 7 of FLAGS).
1B1B CALL E_LINE_NO CH-ADD is made to point to the first code after any line number.
1B1E XOR A The system variable SUBPPC is initialised to +00 and ERR-NR to +FF.
1B1F LD ($5C47),A
1B22 DEC A
1B23 LD ($5C3A),A
1B26 JR STMT_L_1 Jump forward to consider the first statement of the line.
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