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Used by the routine at STMT_RET.
There has been a jump in the program and the starting address of the new line has to be found.
HL Number of the new line
LINE_NEW 07070 CALL LINE_ADDR The starting address of the line, or the 'first line after' is found.
07073 LD A,(23620) Collect the statement number (NSPPC).
07076 JR Z,LINE_USE Jump forward if the required line was found; otherwise check the validity of the statement number - must be zero.
07078 AND A
07081 LD B,A Also check that the 'first line after' is not after the actual 'end of program'.
07082 LD A,(HL)
07083 AND 192
07085 LD A,B
07086 JR Z,LINE_USE Jump forward with valid addresses; otherwise signal the error 'OK'.
Report 0 - OK.
07088 RST 8 Use the error handling routine.
07089 DEFB 255
Note: obviously not an error in the normal sense - but rather a jump past the program.
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