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Used by the routines at OUT_LINE and OUT_CURS.
The 'error cursor' and the 'mode cursors' are printed using this subroutine.
A Character code ('C', 'E', 'G', 'K', 'L' or '?')
OUT_FLASH 06337 EXX Switch to the alternate registers.
06338 LD HL,(23695) Save the values of ATTR-T and MASK-T on the machine stack.
06341 PUSH HL
06342 RES 7,H Ensure that FLASH is active.
06344 SET 7,L
06346 LD (23695),HL Use these modified values for ATTR-T and MASK-T.
06349 LD HL,23697 This is P-FLAG.
06352 LD D,(HL) Save P-FLAG also on the machine stack.
06353 PUSH DE
06354 LD (HL),0 Ensure INVERSE 0, OVER 0, and not PAPER 9 nor INK 9.
06356 CALL PRINT_OUT The character is printed.
06359 POP HL The former value of P-FLAG is restored.
06360 LD (IY+87),H
06363 POP HL The former values of ATTR-T and MASK-T are also restored before returning.
06364 LD (23695),HL
06367 EXX
06368 RET
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