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Used by the routine at MAIN_EXEC.
This subroutine resets the editing area and the areas after it to their minimum sizes. In effect it 'clears' the areas.
SET_MIN 05808 LD HL,(23641) Fetch E-LINE.
05811 LD (HL),13 Make the editing area hold only the 'carriage return' character and the end marker, and set K-CUR accordingly
05813 LD (23643),HL
05816 INC HL
05817 LD (HL),128
05819 INC HL Reset WORKSP and move on to clear the work space.
05820 LD (23649),HL
This entry point is used by the routines at STMT_LOOP and INPUT.
Entering here will 'clear' the work space and the calculator stack.
SET_WORK 05823 LD HL,(23649) Fetch the start address of the work space WORKSP.
05826 LD (23651),HL Clear the work space by setting STKBOT equal to WORKSP.
This entry point is used by the routines at ERROR_2 and E_LINE_NO.
Entering here will 'clear' only the calculator stack.
SET_STK 05829 LD HL,(23651) Fetch STKBOT.
05832 LD (23653),HL Clear the stack by setting STKEND equal to STKBOT.
In all cases make MEM address the calculator's memory area.
05835 PUSH HL Save STKEND.
05836 LD HL,23698 The base of the memory area (MEMBOT).
05839 LD (23656),HL Set MEM to this address.
05842 POP HL Restore STKEND to the HL register pair before returning.
05843 RET
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