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The address of this routine is derived from an offset found in the control character table.
This subroutine performs an operation identical to the BASIC statement 'PRINT OVER 1;CHR$ 32;'.
B Current line number
C Current column number
HL Display file address or printer buffer address
PO_RIGHT 02621 LD A,(23697) Fetch P-FLAG and save it on the machine stack.
02624 PUSH AF
02625 LD (IY+87),1 Set P-FLAG to OVER 1.
02629 LD A," " A 'space'.
02631 CALL PO_CHAR Print the character.
02634 POP AF Fetch the old value of P-FLAG.
02635 LD (23697),A
02638 RET Finished. Note: the programmer has forgotten to exit via PO_STORE, which is a bug.
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