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96F4: Unused routine
This routine copies the attribute bytes for an empty room to the screen, so perhaps it was used during development of the game to check that the layout of a room had been defined correctly.
96F4 LD HL,$5E00 Copy the attribute buffer at 5E00 to the top two-thirds of the screen
96F7 LD DE,$5800
96FA LD BC,$0200
96FF LD HL,$4000 Fill the top two-thirds of the display file with the byte value 0x18 (00011000)
9702 LD DE,$4001
9705 LD BC,$0FFF
9708 LD (HL),$18
970C LD BC,$FEFE Prepare BC for reading keys SHIFT-Z-X-C-V
970F IN A,(C) Read these keys
9711 BIT 2,A Is 'X' being pressed?
9713 JP Z,$0000 Jump if so to reset the machine
9716 JR $970F Otherwise jump back to read the keyboard again
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