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Used by the routine at 8B07. In each pair of bytes here, bits 0-4 of the first byte correspond to keys Q-W-E-R-T, and bits 0-4 of the second byte correspond to keys P-O-I-U-Y; among those bits, a zero indicates a key being pressed.
85E5 DEFB %00011111,%00011111 (no keys pressed)
85E7 DEFB %00011101,%00011111 W
85E9 DEFB %00010111,%00011111 R
85EB DEFB %00011111,%00011011 I
85ED DEFB %00001111,%00011111 T
85EF DEFB %00011011,%00011111 E
85F1 DEFB %00001111,%00011111 T
85F3 DEFB %00011111,%00001111 Y
85F5 DEFB %00011111,%00011110 P
85F7 DEFB %00011011,%00011111 E
85F9 DEFB %00010111,%00011111 R
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