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85D7: Willy's state on entry to the room
Initialised by the routine at 8912, and copied back into 85CF-85D5 by the routine at 8C01.
85D7 DEFB $00 Willy's y-coordinate (copied from 85CF)
85D8 DEFB $00 Willy's direction and movement flags (copied from 85D0)
85D9 DEFB $00 Airborne status indicator (copied from 85D1)
85DA DEFB $00 Willy's animation frame (copied from 85D2)
85DB DEFW $0000 Address of Willy's location in the attribute buffer at 5C00 (copied from 85D3)
85DD DEFB $00 Jumping animation counter (copied from 85D5)
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