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8200: Screen buffer address lookup table
Used by the routines at 8C4A, 91BE and 9637. The value of the Nth entry (0<=N<=127) in this lookup table is the screen buffer address for the point with pixel coordinates (x,y)=(0,N), with the origin (0,0) at the top-left corner.
8200 DEFW $6000 y=0
8202 DEFW $6100 y=1
8204 DEFW $6200 y=2
8206 DEFW $6300 y=3
8208 DEFW $6400 y=4
820A DEFW $6500 y=5
820C DEFW $6600 y=6
820E DEFW $6700 y=7
8210 DEFW $6020 y=8
8212 DEFW $6120 y=9
8214 DEFW $6220 y=10
8216 DEFW $6320 y=11
8218 DEFW $6420 y=12
821A DEFW $6520 y=13
821C DEFW $6620 y=14
821E DEFW $6720 y=15
8220 DEFW $6040 y=16
8222 DEFW $6140 y=17
8224 DEFW $6240 y=18
8226 DEFW $6340 y=19
8228 DEFW $6440 y=20
822A DEFW $6540 y=21
822C DEFW $6640 y=22
822E DEFW $6740 y=23
8230 DEFW $6060 y=24
8232 DEFW $6160 y=25
8234 DEFW $6260 y=26
8236 DEFW $6360 y=27
8238 DEFW $6460 y=28
823A DEFW $6560 y=29
823C DEFW $6660 y=30
823E DEFW $6760 y=31
8240 DEFW $6080 y=32
8242 DEFW $6180 y=33
8244 DEFW $6280 y=34
8246 DEFW $6380 y=35
8248 DEFW $6480 y=36
824A DEFW $6580 y=37
824C DEFW $6680 y=38
824E DEFW $6780 y=39
8250 DEFW $60A0 y=40
8252 DEFW $61A0 y=41
8254 DEFW $62A0 y=42
8256 DEFW $63A0 y=43
8258 DEFW $64A0 y=44
825A DEFW $65A0 y=45
825C DEFW $66A0 y=46
825E DEFW $67A0 y=47
8260 DEFW $60C0 y=48
8262 DEFW $61C0 y=49
8264 DEFW $62C0 y=50
8266 DEFW $63C0 y=51
8268 DEFW $64C0 y=52
826A DEFW $65C0 y=53
826C DEFW $66C0 y=54
826E DEFW $67C0 y=55
8270 DEFW $60E0 y=56
8272 DEFW $61E0 y=57
8274 DEFW $62E0 y=58
8276 DEFW $63E0 y=59
8278 DEFW $64E0 y=60
827A DEFW $65E0 y=61
827C DEFW $66E0 y=62
827E DEFW $67E0 y=63
8280 DEFW $6800 y=64
8282 DEFW $6900 y=65
8284 DEFW $6A00 y=66
8286 DEFW $6B00 y=67
8288 DEFW $6C00 y=68
828A DEFW $6D00 y=69
828C DEFW $6E00 y=70
828E DEFW $6F00 y=71
8290 DEFW $6820 y=72
8292 DEFW $6920 y=73
8294 DEFW $6A20 y=74
8296 DEFW $6B20 y=75
8298 DEFW $6C20 y=76
829A DEFW $6D20 y=77
829C DEFW $6E20 y=78
829E DEFW $6F20 y=79
82A0 DEFW $6840 y=80
82A2 DEFW $6940 y=81
82A4 DEFW $6A40 y=82
82A6 DEFW $6B40 y=83
82A8 DEFW $6C40 y=84
82AA DEFW $6D40 y=85
82AC DEFW $6E40 y=86
82AE DEFW $6F40 y=87
82B0 DEFW $6860 y=88
82B2 DEFW $6960 y=89
82B4 DEFW $6A60 y=90
82B6 DEFW $6B60 y=91
82B8 DEFW $6C60 y=92
82BA DEFW $6D60 y=93
82BC DEFW $6E60 y=94
82BE DEFW $6F60 y=95
82C0 DEFW $6880 y=96
82C2 DEFW $6980 y=97
82C4 DEFW $6A80 y=98
82C6 DEFW $6B80 y=99
82C8 DEFW $6C80 y=100
82CA DEFW $6D80 y=101
82CC DEFW $6E80 y=102
82CE DEFW $6F80 y=103
82D0 DEFW $68A0 y=104
82D2 DEFW $69A0 y=105
82D4 DEFW $6AA0 y=106
82D6 DEFW $6BA0 y=107
82D8 DEFW $6CA0 y=108
82DA DEFW $6DA0 y=109
82DC DEFW $6EA0 y=110
82DE DEFW $6FA0 y=111
82E0 DEFW $68C0 y=112
82E2 DEFW $69C0 y=113
82E4 DEFW $6AC0 y=114
82E6 DEFW $6BC0 y=115
82E8 DEFW $6CC0 y=116
82EA DEFW $6DC0 y=117
82EC DEFW $6EC0 y=118
82EE DEFW $6FC0 y=119
82F0 DEFW $68E0 y=120
82F2 DEFW $69E0 y=121
82F4 DEFW $6AE0 y=122
82F6 DEFW $6BE0 y=123
82F8 DEFW $6CE0 y=124
82FA DEFW $6DE0 y=125
82FC DEFW $6EE0 y=126
82FE DEFW $6FE0 y=127
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