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8128: Data for addresses 817D-FFE2 (step 247)
Used by the routine at 8116. These bytes are copied into addresses 817D-FFE2 (step 247) after the fast code block has loaded. Note that the first entry in this table leads to the value 0x86 being copied into address 817D, which corrupts the table entry at that address; this is a bug.
8128 DEFB $86,$00,$7F,$00,$00,$A2,$FF,$8F,$1F,$08,$D8,$00,$01,$7F,$98,$33
8138 DEFB $54,$00,$FF,$19,$00,$00,$54,$FF,$F8,$FF,$22,$00,$17,$B0,$AA,$F0
8148 DEFB $03,$C2,$00,$DE,$03,$C2,$03,$00,$50,$68,$28,$48,$45,$40,$80,$02
8158 DEFB $0A,$03,$C2,$06,$1B,$01,$48,$44,$27,$48,$FF,$2A,$28,$00,$00,$00
8168 DEFB $FF,$63,$60,$2E,$4E,$E0,$98,$F4,$C3,$00,$EF,$07,$81,$3C,$FB,$70
8178 DEFB $FB,$05,$DF,$E0,$F4,$7C,$2F,$A8,$EB,$00,$18,$C0,$06,$00,$00,$14
8188 DEFB $00,$00,$00,$32,$00,$85,$00,$37,$15,$00,$0A,$36,$1A,$E7,$03,$EA
8198 DEFB $40,$13,$59,$7F,$6F,$ED,$18,$D6,$E0,$3D,$E9,$2E,$04,$72,$7E,$7E
81A8 DEFB $F6,$20,$06,$08
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