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8100: POKE table
Used by the routine at 80BC after the fast code block has loaded.
8100 DEFB $0A,$11 POKE 32778,17 ('LD A,$06' becomes 'LD A,$11')
8102 DEFB $10,$16 POKE 32784,22 ('LD A,$0B' becomes 'LD A,$16')
8104 DEFB $34,$00 POKE 32820,0: POKE 32821,64 ('LD IX,$81AB' becomes 'LD IX,$4000')
8106 DEFB $35,$40
8108 DEFB $88,$B0 POKE 32904,176 ('LD B,$E1' becomes 'LD B,$B0')
810A DEFB $A0,$23 POKE 32928,35 ('DEC IX' becomes 'INC IX')
810C DEFB $A4,$B2 POKE 32932,178 ('LD B,$E3' becomes 'LD B,$B2')
810E DEFB $AC,$CB POKE 32940,203 ('LD A,$ED' becomes 'LD A,$CB')
8110 DEFB $B1,$B0 POKE 32945,176 ('LD B,$E1' becomes 'LD B,$B0')
8112 DEFB $BB,$CF POKE 32955,207 ('JR NZ,$80BC' becomes 'JR NZ,$808B' again)
8114 DEFB $1C,$D0 POKE 32796,208 ('AND A' becomes 'RET NC')
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