Icon panel and score box

icon_panelIcon panel
ringing_phone Ringing telephone
score_boxScore box

Sam's disguises

disguise0No disguise
disguise1Disguise 1
disguise2Disguise 2
disguise3Disguise 3
disguise4Disguise 4
disguise5Disguise 5
disguise6Disguise 6
disguise7Disguise 7


shop1_shut shop1_open Left-hand shop under the apartments next to no. 74
shop2_shut shop2_open Right-hand shop under the apartments next to no. 74
shop3_shut shop3_open Shop under no. 17
shop4_shut shop4_open Shop under no. 15
no74_shut no74_open No. 74
no31_shut no31_open No. 31
no27_shut no27_open No. 27
no19_shut no19_open No. 19
no17_shut no17_open No. 17
no15_shut no15_open No. 15