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6412: Prepare sprite tiles used by Sam when somersaulting or rolling
Used by the routine at 64BD. Animatory states 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0F and 0x1F - corresponding to the sprites of Sam rolling and somersaulting - use sprite tiles 0xEF-0xF7. These sprite tiles are initialised before Sam starts his acrobatic manoeuvre, and later rotated as he moves through each phase of animation.
6412 LD L,$02 Copy sprite tiles 0x02-0x07 over sprite tiles 0xEF-0xF4
6414 LD E,$EF
6416 LD C,$06
6418 CALL $6400
641B LD E,$F2 Copy sprite tile 0xAA over sprite tile 0xF2
641D LD L,$AA
641F INC C
6420 CALL $6400
6423 LD A,$B5 Copy sprite tiles 0xB5, 0xBD and 0xC5 from base page 0xD7 over sprite tiles 0xF5-0xF7
6425 LD E,$F5
6427 LD L,A
6428 LD H,$D7
642A INC C
642B CALL $6402
642E LD A,L
642F ADD A,$07
6431 CP $CD
6433 JR NZ,$6427
6435 LD B,$08 Superimpose sprite tile 0xCD from base page 0xD7 over sprite tile 0xF3 (which is currently a copy of sprite tile 0x06, the centre tile of Sam's base animatory state); this makes Sam appear to bend his arms and hold his knees while performing the acrobatic feat, at the expense of losing some detail from his current disguise
6437 LD HL,$D7CD
643A LD DE,$C7F3
643D LD A,(DE)
643E OR (HL)
643F INC H
6440 AND (HL)
6441 INC H
6442 LD (DE),A
6443 INC D
6444 LD (DE),A
6445 INC D
6446 DJNZ $643D
This entry point is used by the routine at 64BD. Here we rotate sprite tiles 0xEF-0xF7 and store the results in sprite tile slots 0xEE-0xF6.
6448 LD L,$EF Tile 0xEF is the first source tile
644A LD E,L E=0xEE (the first target tile)
644B DEC E
644C LD D,$C7 The base page for these tiles is 0xC7
644E LD B,$08 Rotate the source sprite tile 90 degrees anticlockwise and copy it over the target sprite tile
6450 LD H,$C6
6452 LD C,$01
6454 INC H
6455 RRC (HL)
6457 RLA
6458 INC H
6459 RRC (HL)
645B RL C
645D JR NC,$6454
645F LD (DE),A
6460 INC D
6461 LD A,C
6462 LD (DE),A
6463 INC D
6464 DJNZ $6450
6466 INC L Move to the next source sprite tile reference
6467 BIT 3,L Have we rotated sprite tiles 0xEF-0xF7 yet?
6469 JR Z,$644A Jump back if not
Next we move sprite tiles 0xEE-0xF6 up to 0xEF-0xF7.
646B LD A,$10 There are 16 bytes of graphic and mask data in each tile
646D LD E,$F7 Copy sprite tiles 0xEE-0xF6 into slots 0xEF-0xF7
646F LD L,$F6
6471 LD C,$09
6473 DEC D
6474 LD H,D
6475 LDDR
6477 DEC A
6478 JR NZ,$646D
647A RET Return with the zero flag set
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