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63C3: Check whether Sam has somersaulted onto a banknote
Used by the routine at 64BD. Compares Sam's location with those of the two banknotes. If there's a match, and Sam has just finished a somersault, the banknote is added to Sam's cash supply.
HL E60C (byte 0x0C of Sam's buffer)
63C3 BIT 5,(HL) Byte 0x0C of Sam's buffer holds the LSB of the current roll/somersault animation phase table entry
63C5 RET Z Return if Sam was rolling
63C6 LD L,$01 Collect Sam's x- and y-coordinates in E and D
63C8 LD E,(HL)
63C9 INC L
63CA LD D,(HL)
63CB LD B,L B=2 (there are 2 banknotes)
63CC DEC H H=0xE4 or 0xE5
63CD LD A,D A=Sam's y-coordinate
63CE CP (HL) Compare it with the banknote's y-coordinate
63CF DEC HL Point HL at byte 0x01 of the banknote's buffer
63D0 JR NZ,$63D6 Jump unless Sam's y-coordinate matches the banknote's
63D2 LD A,E A=Sam's x-coordinate
63D3 CP (HL) Has Sam landed on a banknote?
63D4 JR Z,$63DA Jump if so
63D6 INC HL Point HL at byte 0x02 of the banknote's buffer
63D7 DJNZ $63CC Jump back until both banknotes have been checked
63D9 RET
Sam has landed on something that is using one of the banknote buffers. Here we check that the object looks like a banknote. But this check is redundant, since no object except a banknote or the hook can use buffer 0xE4 or 0xE5, and Sam cannot land on the hook.
63DA DEC L L=0x00
63DB LD A,(HL) A=banknote's animatory state
63DC AND $7F Discard bit 7
63DE SUB $3E Is the banknote's animatory state 0x3E or 0xBE?
63E0 JR Z,$63E5 Jump if so
63E2 SUB $08 Is the banknote's animatory state 0x46 or 0xC6?
63E4 RET NZ Return if not (this never happens)
Sam has landed on something that looks like a banknote.
63E5 LD L,$0A Set byte 0x0A of the banknote's buffer to 1 to indicate that Sam's just landed on it (see 634C)
63E7 INC (HL)
63E8 CALL $61CF Add 1, 5, 10 or 20 bucks to Sam's total
Finally we make an appropriate sound effect.
63EB XOR A Prepare the sound effect parameters: A=0x00 (initial border colour), D=0x05 (duration), E=0xF9 (initial pitch)
63EC LD DE,$05F9
63EF INC A Increment the border colour
63F0 XOR $10 Flip bit 4 of A
63F2 AND $17 Retain only bits 0-2 (border colour) and 4 (speaker state)
63F4 OUT ($FE),A Change the border colour and speaker state
63F6 LD B,E Perform the pitch delay
63F7 DJNZ $63F7
63F9 DEC E Decrement the pitch delay
63FA JR NZ,$63EF Jump back unless it's zero
63FC DEC D Decrement the duration counter
63FD JR NZ,$63EF Jump back unless it's zero
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