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63472: Initialise the character buffers for character groups 215-221
Used by the routine at 63662. Initialises the animatory state, location and command list address for every character in character groups 215-221.
63472 LD HL,65198 The initialisation parameters for character groups 215-221 are located at 65198 onwards
63475 LD D,215 Begin with the buffers for character group 215
63477 LD E,0 Point DE at the first byte of the first buffer in the group
63479 LD C,5 There are 5 characters in the group
63481 LD B,3 Initialise a character's animatory state and location
63483 LD A,(HL)
63484 INC HL
63485 LD (DE),A
63486 INC E
63487 DJNZ 63483
63489 XOR A Reset the flags in byte 3 of the character's buffer
63490 LD (DE),A
63491 INC C Increment C to compensate for the LDI instruction that follows
63492 INC E Initialise the character's z-coordinate
63493 LDI
63495 LD B,18 Zero out bytes 5-22 of the character's buffer
63497 LD (DE),A
63498 INC E
63499 DJNZ 63497
63501 LD B,2 Copy the command list address into bytes 23 and 24 of the character's buffer
63503 LD A,(HL)
63504 INC HL
63505 LD (DE),A
63506 INC E
63507 DJNZ 63503
63509 DEC C Have we initialised the buffers of all 5 characters in the group yet?
63510 JR NZ,63481 Jump back if not
63512 INC D Point DE at the next character group
63513 LD A,D Have we initialised the buffers in every character group yet?
63514 CP 222
63516 JR NZ,63477 Jump back if not
63518 RET
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