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60320: Make a character move down
Used by the routines at 60631, 62892 and 62976 to attempt to move a character in the following ways, in the given order, depending on the directions that are available at the character's current location:
Move Condition
Down There is a step going down in the direction the character is facing
Turn round There is a step going down in the other direction
Forwards There is no step going down
Up The character can only step up from his current location
H Character number (215-230)
60320 LD DE,42008 Point DE at the direction indicator table at 42008
This entry point is used by the routine at 60315 with DE=41496.
60323 CALL 60293 Make the character stand up if he's lying down
60326 RET C Return if the character was lying down
60327 BIT 7,(HL) Is the character facing left?
60329 JR Z,60368 Jump if so
60331 INC D DE=41752 or 42264
60332 JR 60368 Move the character and update the SRB accordingly
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