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32768: Collect one bit from tape
Used by the routine at 32815.
32768 INC SP Place the address 0 on the stack above the current return address, so the Spectrum will reset if there's a loading error
32769 INC SP
32770 EX (SP),HL
32771 LD H,0
32773 LD L,H
32774 EX (SP),HL
32775 DEC SP
32776 DEC SP
32777 LD A,6
32779 CALL 32785 Listen for one edge
32782 RET NC Return if no edge was found within the time limit
This entry point is also used by the routine at 32815.
32783 LD A,11 Wait a bit
32785 DEC A
32786 JR NZ,32785
32788 AND A Reset the carry flag
32789 INC B Have we run out of time to find an edge?
32790 RET Z Return with the carry flag reset if so
32791 LD A,127 Collect an EAR port reading in bit 6 of A
32793 IN A,(254)
32795 RRA Move it to bit 5 of A
32796 AND A In the analogous ROM routine, the instruction here is 'RET NC', causing a return if BREAK was pressed; in this routine, that behaviour is disabled (pressing BREAK does nothing)
32797 XOR C Compare this EAR port reading with the previous one
32798 AND 32
32800 JR Z,32789 Jump back if they are the same (i.e. no edge was found)
32802 LD A,C Alternate the border colour
32803 CPL
32804 LD C,A
32805 AND 7
32807 OR 8
32809 OUT (254),A
32811 SCF Signal: an edge was found within the time limit
32812 RET Return with B indicating the time taken to find the edge
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