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E70F: Command list 0x28: Assembly - ANGELFACE/BOY WANDER
Used by BOY WANDER and ANGELFACE in lesson 0x34.
E70F DEFW $6464 Go to...
E711 DEFB $49,$11 ...the assembly hall
E713 DEFW $F7D7 Put the next address in the character's buffer, making him...
E715 DEFW $F804 the catapult or hit now and then
E717 DEFW $7CD0 Move about until...
E719 DEFB $07's time to start assembly
E71A DEFW $6D00 Sit down in the assembly hall until assembly is finished
E71C DEFW $64D7 Go to a random location
E71E DEFW $7CD0 Move about until...
E720 DEFB $00 ...the bell rings
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