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D324: Random locations
Used by the routine at 64D7. Each location's visitors are indicated in brackets. The next set of random locations is at D344.
D324 DEFB $81,$11 Just left of the skool gate (little girls 1-3, HAYLEY)
D326 DEFB $BD,$11 Kitchen in the girls' skool (little girls 4-7, MISS TAKE)
D328 DEFB $26,$03 Revision Library (little boys 1-3)
D32A DEFB $26,$03 Revision Library (little boys 4-8)
D32C DEFB $70,$11 Middle of the boys' playground (little boys 9 and 10, ALBERT, EINSTEIN)
D32E DEFB $BD,$0A Near the window on the middle floor in the girls' skool (BOY WANDER, ANGELFACE)
D330 DEFB $9D,$11 Just outside the entrance to the girls' skool (MR WACKER, MR WITHIT)
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