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BE3C: Staircase endpoint identifiers for skool region 0xBE
Used by the routine at 6464. Skool region 0xBE is on the middle floor of the boys' skool, anywhere to the left of the far wall in the Science Lab storeroom (x<=63). It is defined by the first entry in the skool region data table at B83C.
Each entry in this table determines the first staircase endpoint to reach on the way from skool region 0xBE to the destination region (0xBD-0xC4). Region 0xBF corresponds to anywhere on the bottom floor (see B93C) or in mid-air (see B73C and B83C); region 0xC0 is the assembly hall stage (see 6DA3).
BE3C DEFB $BE Destination region 0xBD: staircase endpoint 0xBE
BE3D DEFB $BE Unused
BE3E DEFB $BF Destination region 0xBF: staircase endpoint 0xBF
BE3F DEFB $BF Destination region 0xC0: staircase endpoint 0xBF
BE40 DEFB $BF Destination region 0xC1: staircase endpoint 0xBF
BE41 DEFB $BF Destination region 0xC2: staircase endpoint 0xBF
BE42 DEFB $BF Destination region 0xC3: staircase endpoint 0xBF
BE43 DEFB $BF Destination region 0xC4: staircase endpoint 0xBF
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