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6780: Move the bike if it's obstructing the boys' skool door or the gate
Used by the routine at 717C.
A Bike's animatory state
DE (96,17) or (136,17)
6780 AND $05 Is the bike lying on the floor?
6782 JR NZ,$678E Jump if not
6784 LD H,$D3 0xD3=bike
6786 PUSH DE Save the bike's new location temporarily
6787 CALL $61B4 Update the SRB for the bike's current animatory state and location
678A POP DE Restore the bike's new location to DE
678B JP $6130 Update the bike's location and update the SRB
The bike is not lying on the floor, so either ERIC is riding it, or it's travelling of its own accord. In this case, ALBERT must wait for it to pass before closing the skool door or gate.
678E POP BC Drop the return address, which has the effect of making ALBERT wait
678F RET
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