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62794: Make MR WACKER find the truant ERIC
The address of this interruptible subcommand routine is placed into bytes 9 and 10 of MR WACKER's buffer by the routine at 32054 after ALBERT has spotted ERIC trying to escape and raised the alarm.
62794 LD L,29 Set bit 7 of byte 29 of MR WACKER's buffer, making him run
62796 SET 7,(HL)
62798 LD L,0 Point HL at byte 0 of MR WACKER's buffer
62800 BIT 0,(HL) Is MR WACKER midstride?
62802 JP NZ,25950 Finish the stride if so
Now check whether a command list restart has been requested. This request will have been made if the lesson in which MR WACKER started chasing ERIC has ended, and the next lesson has just begun (see 63309).
62805 LD L,29 Has a command list restart been requested (i.e. should MR WACKER end the chase now)?
62807 BIT 0,(HL)
62809 JP NZ,32399 Jump if so
62812 JP 25944 Otherwise continue the hunt for ERIC
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