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62599: Jump forward in the command list if the boys' skool door or the gate is closed
Used by command list 76. Saves ALBERT a trip to the skool gate or the skool door if it's already closed.
H 205 (ALBERT)
62599 LD DE,32756 32756 holds the door/window status flags
62602 CALL 25213 Collect the next byte (the door identifier) from the command list
62605 EX DE,HL
62606 AND (HL) Set the zero flag if this door is closed
62607 EX DE,HL
62608 JR NZ,62617 Jump if the specified door is open
62610 LD B,10 Move along 10 places in the command list
62612 CALL 25213
62615 DJNZ 62612
62617 JP 25484 Move to the next command in the command list
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