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62460: 'S' pressed - sit (2)
Continues from 62423. Makes ERIC sit on a chair (if he's standing beside one) or on the floor.
H 210 (ERIC)
62460 CALL 26068 Check for chairs next to ERIC
62463 AND A Is ERIC standing beside one, facing left?
62464 JR Z,62475 Jump if so
62466 LD A,(53760) A=ERIC's animatory state
62469 AND 128 Keep only the 'direction' bit (bit 7)
62471 ADD A,5 A=5/133: ERIC sitting on the floor
62473 JR 62440 Sit ERIC on the floor
62475 CALL 26175 Knock anybody who's sitting in this chair out of the way
62478 JR 62438 Sit ERIC on the chair
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