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31092: Make a female character stand on a chair or start jumping
The address of this uninterruptible subcommand routine is placed into bytes 17 and 18 of a female character's buffer by the routine at 31150 when there's a mouse in the vicinity. It makes the female character either stand on a chair (if there's one beside her) or start jumping up and down.
H Character number (183-189, 204 or 209)
31092 LD L,17 Replace the address of this routine in bytes 17 and 18 of the character's buffer with that of 31078
31094 LD (HL),102
31096 CALL 25012 Update the SRB for the character's current animatory state and location
31099 LD L,20 Store the character's current animatory state in byte 20 of her buffer, so it can be restored when she's finished jumping
31101 LD (HL),A
31102 INC L Initialise byte 21 to 0 on the assumption that there is no chair to stand on
31103 LD (HL),0
31105 DEC D Jump up
31106 PUSH DE
31107 LD L,0 Pretend the character is facing left by resetting bit 7 of her animatory state (to make the chair check work)
31109 RES 7,(HL)
31111 CALL 26068 Check whether this character is beside a chair
31114 POP DE
31115 LD L,21
31117 AND A Is this character standing beside a chair?
31118 JR NZ,31121 Jump if not
31120 INC (HL) Set byte 21 to 1 to indicate that the character is standing on a chair
31121 DEC L Collect the character's original animatory state from byte 20
31122 LD A,(HL)
31123 AND 248 A=character's base animatory state
31125 JP 24880 Update the character's animatory state and location and update the SRB
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