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27860: Prepare the doors, windows, cups and bike for new game
Used by the routine at 62910. Opens the boys' skool door and the skool gate, closes all the other doors, closes the windows, empties the cups, and chains the bike to the tree.
27860 LD HL,57686 Point HL at the first entry in the initialisation table at 57686
27863 LD E,(HL) Pick up an entry from the initialisation table in DE, which will then point at a data table concerning a door, window, cup or bike
27864 INC L
27865 LD D,(HL)
27866 INC L Move HL along to the next entry in the initialisation table and save the pointer for now
27867 PUSH HL
27868 EX DE,HL Point HL at the door/window/cup/bike data table
27869 CALL 27672 Alter UDG references and attributes in the play area
27872 POP HL Restore the pointer to the initialisation table
27873 LD A,L Have we reached the end of the initialisation table?
27874 CP 112
27876 JR NZ,27863 Jump back if not
27878 LD HL,32756 32756 holds the door/window flags
27881 LD (HL),24 Set bits 3 and 4: skool gate and boys' skool door open
27883 RET
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