Infinite lives
To give Horace infinite lives:
POKE 26429,0
Extra lives more often
By default, Horace gains an extra life every 10,000 points. To change that to every 1000 points:
POKE 26072,232: POKE 26073,3
Or to every 100 points:
POKE 26072,100: POKE 26073,0
Always throwable guards
To enable Horace to throw the guards out of the park even when he hasn't sounded the alarm:
POKE 26287,0
Gracious guards
To allow Horace to roam the park without fear of being caught by a guard:
POKE 26276,201
Turbo tunnel
It's not fair that the guards can catch up with Horace by following him through a tunnel. To make Horace's passage through a tunnel much quicker:
POKE 25451,1
Two-way tunnel
To make the tunnel in maze 1 accessible from both sides (like the tunnels in maze 2 and maze 4):
POKE 29735,9: POKE 29736,9