Migrating from SkoolKit 6

SkoolKit 7 includes some changes that make it incompatible with SkoolKit 6. If you have developed a disassembly using SkoolKit 6 and find that the SkoolKit commands no longer work with your skool files or ref files, or produce broken output, look through the following sections for tips on how to migrate your disassembly to SkoolKit 7.


In SkoolKit 6, skool2html.py wrote a separate disassembly for each skool file and ref file named on the command line. In SkoolKit 7, it writes a single disassembly from the skool file given as the first positional argument; any other positional arguments are interpreted as extra ref files.

For example:

$ skool2html.py game.skool data.ref

will convert the following files into a single HTML disassembly:

  • game.skool
  • any files named game*.ref
  • any files named in the RefFiles parameter in the [Config] section
  • data.ref


The -l, -m, -n, -r, -R, -t and -z options of sna2skool.py that were available in SkoolKit 6 are not supported in SkoolKit 7. However, the corresponding features are still supported, and each one can be controlled by the -I option with an appropriate configuration parameter:

  • instead of -l/--defm-size L, use -I DefmSize=L
  • instead of -m/--defb-mod M, use -I DefbMod=M
  • instead of -n/--defb-size N, use -I DefbSize=N
  • instead of -r/--no-erefs, use -I ListRefs=0
  • instead of -R/--erefs, use -I ListRefs=2
  • instead of -t/--text, use -I Text=1
  • instead of -z/--defb-zfill, use -I DefbZfill=1

In addition, the ability to generate a control file has been moved to the sna2ctl.py command; accordingly, the -g, -h and -M options are no longer supported.

Finally, the -L (--lower) option has been renamed -l and the --skool-hex (-H) option has been renamed --hex (for consistency with the corresponding options of skool2asm.py and skool2html.py).


In SkoolKit 6, the GameStatusBufferIncludes parameter in the [Game] section specified the addresses of entries to include on the ‘Game status buffer’ page in addition to those that are marked with a g. In SkoolKit 7, this parameter is not supported; instead, use the Includes parameter in the [MemoryMap:GameStatusBuffer] section.


In SkoolKit 6, the @assemble directive accepted the values -1, 0 and 1. In SkoolKit 7, the accepted values are 0, 1 and 2.


The @nolabel directive is not supported in SkoolKit 7. Instead you should use the @label directive with a blank label: @label=.

Data definition entries

Data definition entries (‘d’ blocks) are not supported in SkoolKit 7. Use the @defb, @defs and @defw directives instead.

Remote entries

Defining a remote entry with an ‘r’ block is not supported in SkoolKit 7. Use the @remote directive instead.


The skoolkit6to7.py script may be used to convert a control file, ref file, skool file or skool file template that is compatible with SkoolKit 6 into a file that will work with SkoolKit 7. For example, to convert game.ref:

$ skoolkit6to7.py game.ref > game7.ref