The following bugs in SkoolKit do not (currently) affect the HTML or ASM rendering, so there is no pressing need to fix them.

  1. If the last entry in a skool file has an end comment (i.e. a comment after the last instruction), it is not picked up in the parsing phase, and so will not be rendered. (#663416)
  2. If a table (defined between #TABLE and TABLE# markers) contains a cell with rowspan > 1 and its contents are wrapped, adjacent cells with rowspan = 1 are rendered incorrectly in ASM mode. (#663418)
  3. In verbose (-v) mode, skool2asm.py does not show lines inserted or removed by the @isub, @rsub, @ofix, @bfix and @rfix block directives. (#663420)
  4. This documentation does not describe the sections in the ref files. (#663426)

If you find any other bugs in SkoolKit, please report them.

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