Other gamesIt may be that the disassemblies of Skool Daze, Back to Skool, Contact Sam Cruise, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy and Hungry Horace hosted on this site are not enough to satisfy your appetite for 8-bit code porn. If that’s the case, maybe this page will help. Here are some links to disassemblies of other games done by other people, and other sites that host game disassemblies. Some of these disassemblies have been created using SkoolKit, others not; some are complete, some are partial, and others are a work in progress.

Alien 8 (tcdev)
Dun Darach (Luny)
Dynamite Dan 2 (bad_beard)
Exolon (Sergey Erokhin)
Knight Tyme (Philip M. Anderson)
Paradise Café (Pedro de Oliveira; sources on GitHub)
Pentagram (tcdev)
Pyjamarama (Luny)
Soldier of Fortune (Konstantin Matveev)
Spellbound (Philip M. Anderson)
Stormbringer (Philip M. Anderson)
The Great Escape (David Thomas; sources on GitHub)
Through the Trap Door (Philip M. Anderson)
Tir Na Nog (Luny)

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