Jet Set Disassembly

By | September 13, 2014

Jet Set WillyIn something of a departure from the typical Microsphere-centricity of this site, I have released my fourth major Spectrum game-related reverse engineering effort: The complete Jet Set Willy RAM disassembly. This actually began life back in April 2012 as a bare-bones example disassembly bundled with SkoolKit, but a little while ago I decided to extract it, flesh it out, and release it separately. So here it is.

“But,” I can hear many of you exclaim, “why bother with Jet Set Willy? It’s already been disassembled, deconstructed, analysed and otherwise picked apart by a million other people!” That I cannot deny – and in fact I’ve made use of some of these pre-existing bodies of research – but the difference here is that this is a complete disassembly, of every byte, with annotations, all in one place. And in keeping with the tradition started by the Microsphere game disassemblies, there are bugs and trivia pages too.

So while most (if not all) of the content of this disassembly is probably already familiar to the Jet Set Willy fans among you, I’d encourage you to take a look anyway. You might learn something. You might spot some mistakes (in which case let me know). At the very least, you can rest assured that Jet Set Willy has been given the SkoolKit treatment for posterity.

One more thing: if you want a copy of the disassembly for offline viewing or archival purposes, you can get one here.

2 thoughts on “Jet Set Disassembly

  1. Andy Ford

    Thank you for your continued work and this disassembly in particular is of great interest.

    I’ve had much fun previously however building custom BTS / SD versions. 🙂

    Do you plan on doing Manic Miner ? , I thought about this as its (in theory!) a bit simpler perhaps.

  2. SkoolKid Post author

    Manic Miner? Well, I have just extracted that from the ‘examples’ directory of SkoolKit as well, so I think I’m honour-bound to finish it. No ETA yet, though. 🙂

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