The fidgety frog

By | May 3, 2010

Where's Sam Cruise?Just a quick note to inform the disassembly-watchers among you that a new version of the Skool Disassemblies is out. As usual, you can browse them online, or download a copy for offline viewing. And also as usual, if you’d like to build the disassemblies yourself (including ASM versions), then SkoolKit has what you need.

The Skool Disassemblies are now in maintenance mode, which means I have no new features planned, but I will fix errors when I spot them. I’ll also document new bugs, pokes and trivia entries that come to light or mind. Speaking of which, there is one new trivia entry in this update: The apprehensive amphibian.

Don’t forget that SkoolKit provides some support for creating disassemblies of other Spectrum games, and includes an incomplete Contact Sam Cruise disassembly. I’ll probably get back to that when I’ve finished the current round of changes to Pyskool.