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By | May 20, 2017

SD/BTS/CSC/MM/JSW/ROMWith SkoolKit 6.0 came many compatibility-breaking changes that rendered all but one of the current versions of the disassemblies hosted here utterly broken. Not one to let a disgraceful situation like that stand (for too long, anyway), I have stepped in and published updated versions that build successfully with 6.0. And I could just leave it there, possibly breaking the record for the shortest post ever on this site, but there are a few things besides the porting to 6.0 to mention.

First, the hexadecimal versions of the Skool Daze, Back to Skool and Contact Sam Cruise disassemblies have been greatly improved, in the sense that thare are now far fewer jarring instances of decimal numbers floating around in them. For example, animatory states, character numbers and message numbers are all shown in hex rather than decimal, which should make things more comprehensible for the base-16-minded among you. In addition, the Skool Daze disassembly has two new trivia items.

Next, the hexadecimal versions of the Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy disassemblies have also seen a purge of extraneous decimal numbers, albeit on a smaller scale than in the SD/BTS/CSC disassemblies (which were staunchly decimal until now). And the Jet Set Willy disassembly has a new bug entry concerning the in-game tune.

Finally there is the 48K Spectrum ROM disassembly (decimal version here). It didn’t require porting to 6.0, but I have added register tables to all the routines that take input values or produce output values, which I hope will aid in the general understanding of this seminal work of Z80 assembly language programming.

So there we are. These disassemblies are now safely buildable for another major series of SkoolKit releases. See you again when 7.0 is released (or shortly thereafter).

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