It cuts one way

By | May 11, 2016

One way sawMore than a year has passed since the last disassembly-related announcement on this website, so in an attempt to make up for lost time, here is an update on the Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy disassemblies, new versions of which have recently been released.

In the previous announcement concerning these disassemblies it was Manic Miner that got the lion’s share of the limelight (such as it was), but this time it’s Jet Set Willy that deserves most of the attention, with its five new bugs and seven new trivia entries. Among those bugs are the one where Willy can effectively teleport from the top of a room to the bottom by jumping off a rope, and also the one where Willy can become imprisoned inside a bunch of wall tiles at head height. Among the trivia entries are the story of the saw guardian that never turns round, and instructions on how to make Willy jump a little higher than the regulation 20 pixels. In comparison to these riches, the Manic Miner disassembly has gained a paltry one new bug and one new trivia entry since it was last mentioned here.

In addition to these obvious changes, there have also been some more subtle improvements to the disassemblies to make them read better when they are rendered in hexadecimal. For example, cavern numbers and entity numbers are now shown in hexadecimal instead of decimal, so as not to jar with the mass of hexadecimal addresses and DEFB statements.

Anyway, as always you can consult the changelog page for each disassembly for details on the new bugs and trivia entries (however great or small their number), and the download page to grab copies for offline viewing.

2 thoughts on “It cuts one way

  1. Tezz

    Hi Richard,

    I’m the author of the Atari 8-bit conversion of Manic Miner. There is another further bug in Matthews’ code to mention, it’s in regard to the Solar Power Generator. When Willy is in the beam there are four calls made to decrease the air supply beginning at 36233. Matthew didn’t include a check for the air running out here so the final air step loops infinitely whilst Willy remains in the beam.

  2. SkoolKid Post author

    Hi Tezz

    Thanks for this bug report! I’ll confirm it and give you credit when the next version of the disassembly is released.

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