Recess repetition

By | April 17, 2015

PLAYTIME PLAYTIMEHaving picked up the disassembly release ball last month, I am now running with it. The next batch of disassemblies to see a release is the Microsphere trio: Skool Daze, Back to Skool and Contact Sam Cruise.

As for the changes, the TL;DR version is that Skool Daze got five new trivia entries, Back to Skool got four new trivia entries and a new bug, and Contact Sam Cruise is the real loser with just one new POKE. Since the bug and the trivia entries are more interesting than the POKE (sorry Sam), I’ll concentrate on those for the remainder of this post.

So, the bug in Back to Skool. It’s a pretty good one, though you have to do some hard work up front in order to reap the benefits. First, get the key to the safe – a process that involves a water pistol, water, sherry, cups, stinkbombs, the bike, a conker, mice (possibly) and the frog. Now make your way into the head’s study and stand under the safe. Next, wait until ERIC’s lines total reaches 10000 or more, and then quickly jump up to the safe before MR WACKER has a chance to expel him. After that, ERIC is free to cause mischief without fear of expulsion until his lines total rolls over the maximum 655300 mark back round to zero, and then past 10000 again. Nice, eh? For details on what makes this possible, see the bug description.

And now Skool Daze. While playing that game, have you noticed how the kids all try to sit at back of the class when the teacher arrives at the doorway, which means that EINSTEIN always ends up in the back seat? I have too, but I’ve also noticed that occasionally EINSTEIN will sit somewhere else – for example, just behind the front seat in the Map Room. Having wondered why for the last 30 years or thereabouts, I finally investigated, and you can find the results of that investigation in Seat selection. Mystery solved.

Another thing about Skool Daze: every now and then in the timetable, there is one playtime followed immediately by another. In fact, this happens a total of five times. However, the bell doesn’t ring between those playtimes, so effectively they are double-length playtimes rather than distinct playtimes. One rather shocking consequence of this is that the bell rings only 59 times throughout the entire timetable of 64 periods. For more information on these anomalies, see Double playtimes.

And that’s all the disassembly news (again). For details on the other trivia entries and the POKE, see all the changelogs.

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