Animation aberration

By | March 28, 2015

Animated platformIn what I confidently predict will be a year in which I release updates to some of the disassemblies that are hosted on this site, the first ones to see a new release are Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

First of all, Manic Miner’s bugs page has swelled by 50% to an impressive three entries. The new entry on the block concerns the platform in Amoebatrons’ Revenge whose third row of pixels is animated, as if it were a conveyor. This is one of those bugs that I don’t remember whether I ever noticed back in the day. But I noticed it again recently, and have duly documented it for your edification.

Next, I have provided a POKE for each game that gives Willy unlimited time to complete his task. Use it either with the infinite lives POKE for complete invincibility, or without for the freedom to navigate the caverns and rooms tantalisingly mixed with a sense of impending doom lest you mess up too many jumps that require perfect precision.

And that’s all the disassembly news (for now).

5 thoughts on “Animation aberration

  1. Stuart Brady

    Thanks for the bit on Amoebatrons’ Revenge: I guess it was indistinguishable from dot crawl to a lot of people! Worse on the 128K and under emulation, I suppose…

    Not sure how best to submit suggestions, so I hope you don’t mind if I do so here? Please feel free to integrate these into the pokes pages. They’re all from the Tatung Einstein / MSX port of JSW by Cameron Else (

    I have an alternative set of pokes for “First Landing”, which copy Else’s fix:

    POKE 42183,156
    POKE 56545,129
    POKE 56546,195
    POKE 56547,126
    POKE 56548,60
    POKE 56549,24
    POKE 56550,24
    POKE 56551,24
    POKE 56552,60

    To make the item in “Swimming Pool” collectable:

    POKE 57248,5
    (This changes the rope to cyan, although it is white in the Else’s versions. This seems to be a limitation of the game engine on the Spectrum.)

    To alter the background of the water in the Swimming Pool, although this does result in awful colour clash:

    POKE 57257,47
    POKE 57284,41

    Perhaps POKE 57284,46 works better on the Spectrum:

    POKE 57257,47
    POKE 57284,46

    To make “Conservatory Roof” possible without losing a life, as per Else’s fix:

    POKE 60231,0
    POKE 60375,187
    POKE 60377,5
    POKE 60269,1
    POKE 60270,84
    POKE 60278,1

    Else’s versions seem to have the same fix for “The Banyan Tree”:

    POKE 56876,4

    The Attic has *two* arrows in Else’s versions but I don’t yet know the exact fix for this.

    Besides this, they conveyor graphics engine bug would need fixing. I’m not sure if anyone’s already done that?

  2. Stuart Brady

    I should retract the bit about the background colour of the water in the Swimming Pool: it is indeed blue in the MSX version.

    To make up for it, POKE 42438,180 will make The Beach have two separate items, just as in the MSX version. (Or perhaps POKE 42432,180, but I’m not sure whether ordering of the item table is preserved in the MSX version just yet!)

  3. SkoolKid Post author

    Thanks Stuart! I’ll certainly have a look through these POKEs and see if any can be sprinkled around the Bugs, Trivia and Pokes pages in the JSW disassembly.

    As for a conveyor graphics bug fix, it wouldn’t be very hard, but it would probably require several POKEs, and I generally try to keep the number of POKEs per item down as much as possible (to keep things simple). But perhaps that bug is a special case. I’ll have a think about it…

  4. Stuart Brady

    Yeah, it’s a shame that the “First Landing” fix needs eight pokes to define the item’s graphic, and the “Conservatory Roof” changes do alter quite a few blocks. Perhaps you could group the Else pokes together rather than add them to a separate section?

    I’ve found out that Cameron Else did actually meet Matthew Smith and discuss a few things about the port, so it’s possible there’s some authority to some of these fixes. I’ll try to find out.

    BTW, I’ve made a start on figuring out the memory map of MSX JSW. More to come. 🙂

  5. Stuart Brady

    Meant to say “rather than add them to an existing section”!

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