Manic Mnemonics

By | October 4, 2014

Manic MinerHot on the heels of the Jet Set Willy disassembly, here is The complete Manic Miner RAM disassembly (Bug-Byte version). Just like the Jet Set Willy disassembly, it began life as a bare-bones example control file bundled with SkoolKit (though much longer ago, back in February 2010). And just like the Jet Set Willy disassembly again, I recently decided to extract it, flesh it out, and release it separately. As you can see.

It should also come as no surprise that the disassembly – which, I might mention in passing, leaves no byte unannotated – comes with bugs and trivia pages. Although the bugs page barely escapes the ignominy of being called the ‘bug’ page, since there are only two bugs documented on it. But never mind – there’s a decent amount of trivia to make up for it, and there are a few POKEs too.

Getting back to the ‘just like the Jet Set Willy disassembly’ theme again, I would guess that most of the content of this disassembly is already familiar to the Manic Miner fans among you, but do take a look anyway, and let me know if you spot any mistakes (or any more bugs to document).

And finally: if you want a copy of the disassembly for offline viewing, you can get one here.

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