A tiling problem

By | February 1, 2012

A tiling problemBack in version 20091021 of the Back to Skool disassembly – which was the first version to include disassembly pages for data blocks – it was noted that play area tiles 1, 11, 21 and 30 in base page 144 are not used. Now that was all well and good, but it did leave the reader at least wondering what those tiles look like, and possibly also whether they had ever been used while the game was in development. Which is where version 20120201 of the Back to Skool disassembly comes in, and, more to the point, the new trivia entry Bottomless boxes. Be sure to take a look if you’ve spent the last two years scratching your head over the mystery of those unused tiles.

So, yes, in case it’s not been made clear yet, a new version of the Back to Skool disassembly has been released. In addition to the aforementioned investigation of unused tiles, this new release includes an explanation of the significance of the curiously named Q values. And the startup code has been moved back into the main skool file, which means that the ASM version of the disassembly now gives the option of changing the characters’ names. Such are the main changes since the previous release; for further details, consult the changelog.

Anyway, as always, you can browse the entire disassembly online, or download a copy for offline viewing, or build it yourself from the source skool and ref files included in the offline copy (for which you’ll need at least version 2.4.1 of SkoolKit).