By | June 2, 2011 installSkoolKit 2.2.2 is now available from this download page. Why am I gracing the release of what is merely the second revision of the 2.2 series with a blog post? Well, it’s the first time that SkoolKit’s version number has been of the form X.X.X. And I never got round to gracing the release of 2.2 with a blog post, for which I feel bad. Sorry 2.2. I’m trying to make up for that.

Now, I could just send you over to the changelog for a summary of what’s new since 2.1, but that would make for a short and almost pointless article (in addition to being lazy). So instead I’ll request that you stay here for a bit and read on.

Since 2.1 was released, and have gained the ability to produce output in lower case, upper case, hexadecimal, or decimal, regardless of the format of the source skool file., too, can now produce lower case disassemblies (it could already do upper case, hexadecimal and decimal). And, and can read from standard input, which allows you to chain commands and therefore (for example) disassemble a snapshot to ASM format without producing an intermediate skool file: game.z80 | - > game.asm

Next: SkoolKit can now be installed as a Python package using the supplied script; unit tests (for people who like that kind of thing) are included in the tests directory; man pages are included in the man directory; and developer reference documentation has been added (providing instructions on how to run the unit tests and build the documentation and man pages from source).

Next: the load code, save code and start code skool files for Skool Daze, Back to Skool and Contact Sam Cruise have been tweaked to make them usable with So if you’ve been itching to use Back to Skool’s tape saver routine but couldn’t be bothered to type it out, 2.2.2 is your friend.

And finally: bug fixes. Quite a few, actually. Here I will point you to the changelog for full details.

That’s about it. Please tune in again when 2.3 is released. (Or 3.3.3. We’ll see.)