Cruise ‘n’ the web

By | December 8, 2010

Fairfax 7162The incomplete Contact Sam Cruise RAM disassembly, with which I have have teased the audience by (a) mentioning its inclusion in SkoolKit, and (b) mentioning updates to it in the recent SkoolKit changelogs, is now up, online, in a browsable HTML form, at this very website.

However, unlike its cousins – the Skool Disassemblies – the incomplete Contact Sam Cruise RAM disassembly really is, as its name unambiguously indicates, incomplete. In other words, it is a work in progress. It also probably contains many inaccuracies and outright errors that will need fixing over time. Any members of the audience wishing to see a full reverse engineering job of Microsphere’s classic private eye game will have to exercise patience, and lots of it. You have been warned.

In the meantime, bug reports for the disassembly itself, and suggestions for content on the Bugs and Trivia pages (or any other pages) are welcome. If you’d like to build the disassembly yourself from the comfort of your own Python-endowed computer, grab SkoolKit; version 2.0.3 (released today) includes the source skool and ref files for the current online version.