SkoolKit: Not just for skools

By | November 11, 2010

Disassembling Miss DaisySkoolKit 1.4 is ready for release on this here internet. Get your copy from the download page.

As a reminder to those who have forgotten what it is, or as news to those who have never heard of it, SkoolKit is a collection of utilities that enable you to disassemble a Spectrum game (or, indeed, a non-game) into a format known as a skool file. And what’s the point of that? Well, from this skool file you can create a browsable disassembly in HTML format, or an assemblable disassembly in ASM format. So the skool file is – from start to finish as you develop it – the common ‘source’ for both the reader-friendly HTML version of your disassembly, and the developer- and assembler-friendly ASM version of your disassembly.

As a kind of showcase of SkoolKit’s capabilities, the source files for the Skool Disassemblies are included with it. As a reminder to those who have forgotten what they are, or as news to those who have never heard of them, the Skool Disassemblies are disassemblies of Skool Daze and Back to Skool, created with the help of SkoolKit. You can either browse the online HTML version of the Skool Disassemblies, or download a copy for offline viewing. Or you can download SkoolKit and build a copy yourself. Full instructions are included.

So what’s new in 1.4? First of all, some work has been done on the incomplete Contact Sam Cruise disassembly, which is also included with SkoolKit. Full disassemblies of the loading code (the code that loads the game), save code (the code that saves the game to tape), and startup code (the code that runs immediately after the game has loaded, and is later removed) have been added. Second of all, the Skool Disassemblies have been updated to version 20101111. For details of the changes to the Skool Disassemblies, see the changelog.

I think it goes without saying that the world needs more disassemblies of Spectrum games. So do your bit: download SkoolKit today and get disassembling.