ROM here to eternity

By | October 23, 2016

ORG 0It’s not every day that a new disassembly is added to the gallery here at, but today is just such a day. The new addition to the family is the Spectrum ROM disassembly, which showcases SkoolKit’s ability to produce disassemblies of not only games, but also, well, ROMs. Or, at least, this particular ROM.

This disassembly of the 48K Spectrum ROM began life as a control file back in SkoolKit 3.6 (version 20131102), and was recently ‘completed’ and published on GitHub (version 20160709). Since then, the control file has been shed in favour of a skool file, marking the disassembly’s eligibility for publication here in both browsable and downloadable forms (in decimal format, to boot).

There’s not much more to say – the Spectrum ROM’s source code speaks for itself, I think – except that since the inaugural ‘complete’ version (20160709), the system variables have been added, with complete lists of the routines that use them. Happy browsing!

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