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Horace and the disassembly

By | December 5, 2017

Arriving just in time for Christmas, a new disassembly has just been added to the gallery here at The complete Hungry Horace RAM disassembly. This disassembly began life as a bare-bones control file back in SkoolKit 4.1.1 (version 20140920), and was recently ‘completed’ by adding annotations to all the routines, data blocks and text… Read More »

Skool files to screenshots

By | September 3, 2017

SkoolKit 6.1 has been released. As is the custom on occasions like this, copies are available from the download page, the Python Package Index, the Ubuntu PPA, and the Fedora copr repo. The main new feature in this release is support for changing the default behaviour of, and via a configuration file:… Read More »

All the disassemblies

By | May 20, 2017

With SkoolKit 6.0 came many compatibility-breaking changes that rendered all but one of the current versions of the disassemblies hosted here utterly broken. Not one to let a disgraceful situation like that stand (for too long, anyway), I have stepped in and published updated versions that build successfully with 6.0. And I could just leave… Read More »